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Zero F#cks Given RX7

Zero F#cks Given RX7


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$5 from every shirt sold goes right to corbin to help fund his next project!

Corbin Goodwin’s 1984 RX7 is a car of numbers. 8 cylinders. 2400lbs. 330whp. ZERO F#CKS GIVEN.

Corbin is a world-class tinkerer; the RatX7 being his creation. It's a fun house of gauges, ones only Corbin can really understand. It's a car made by him, for him. If understeer is when your front hits the wall and oversteer is when your back hits the wall, this car has the potential to do both.

Thundering into a corner, your heart rushes and you brace for a split second reaction. React correctly, and the car rewards you with that thundering V8 sound and forward momentum. Make a mistake, and your only reward will be a tree and a tow bill.

The RX7 represented on this shirt isn’t fancy. It converts gasoline to sound and tire smoke. It isn’t subtle. You can hear it coming from miles. It isn’t pretentious and it doesn’t care what you think. And neither does Corbin.