Toyota 4Runner Shirt


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This shirt depicts the first generation 4runner, a vehicle nearly mechanically identical to the popular Hilux but with a distinct difference.. rear seats!. This made the first gen 4Runner very popular with offroaders, and many were modified for that purpose.

The 1985 model shown is unmodified, showing the rugged styling and well thought out offroad design. 1985 would be the last year for the solid front axle, and the first for fuel injection making this one very desirable runner.

Through the signature stripes fading into the background of this shirt you will see the gauge faces from the now famous SR5 "Tiltometer" that read out altitude, roll and pitch so you could tell when you were in real trouble.

The rear camper top even came off for open air freewheeling further proving that it's always funner.. in a 4runner.